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Welcome to the World of Warcraft Recruitment page!

The requirements for joining this guild may seem like a bit much, but we’ve worked hard to ensure that we maintain a group of mature, intelligent gamers. If you want to be in a solid, well-organized, laid-back guild full of friendly people, this is the place for you.

More information about us can be found in the FAQ. Our guild’s internal hierarchy system can be located via the Guild Structure page. Please be sure to read this page thoroughly so you’re aware of what is expected of our members and how one is to move up within the guild.

Becoming a DotB Member

1. Click here to review our current recruitment status and whether we’re recruiting for your class before going further. This is mostly a raiding guideline and not set-in-stone answer for any application.

2. Read what we’re all about in our Guild Charter. If you don’t agree, don’t proceed. Before you receive a /ginvite you need to first complete an application. The application is important — it’s your first contact to us, usually, and it’s our first view of you. Spend time on it.

3. Register with the website.

4. Log in and copy/paste the below guild application into a new topic at the Recruiting Forum. Some guilds may not take applications very seriously, but we do. Please fill out all of the sections and put some time and thought into your responses.

5. If your app is approved, you will chat with a guild officer, usually through Ventrilo. We ask a couple questions, and we’ll also answer any of yours. The list of guild officers is found on the Guild Structure page. The interviewing officer will likely ask to talk to you on Ventrilo, so be sure you have it (see item 6). Good luck on your app! :)


====RL INFO====
First Name, Location, and Age are required. You must be 16 or older to apply.

– Real Name:
– Location (City, State/Country):
– Age:
– IM Client & SN (optional):

– RealID (optional):
– Do you have a Blizzard Authenticator linked to your account?:
– Do you own this account? If no, please explain.

====MAIN INFO ====
Your Main is the character you intend on participating in most guild events with.
– Name:
– Faction/Server:
– Armory Link:
– Link to Raid Logs (if applying for raiding spot):

====ALT INFO====
We recruit the player, not the character. Add additional lines, if needed.

1. Name, Armory Link

==== GUILD INFO====
– Did you check this post to make sure that you’re eligible to be recruited?:
– Have you read the DotB Guild Charter and do you agree to it?:
– List any previous guilds (and their servers) that you’ve been a part of:
– Did you leave these guilds, or were you removed? Why are you no longer with them? Please explain.

– Tell us a bit about yourself. One word answers aren’t acceptable.
– Tell us why you want to join the Disciples of the Blade – what are you looking to get out of the guild?:
– Tell us how you heard about the Disciples of the Blade – referred by a friend? Ran a PUG with a few guildies? Did a search in google?:
– Are you interested in PvE raids, or are you more of a PvP’er, casual player, farmer, socializer, crafter (what kind of player are you)?:
– What are your personal goals in-game?:
– Any other comments or information you’d like to share? (Screenshot of your UI, your favorite (clean) joke, etc.):


Note: One of the many things that we encourage is for members to get to know each other. For this, we ask for another place we may be able to contact you outside of the game, Ventrilo, RealID, or forum PMs. You may share a Skype username, AOL handle, or an email address. Once again – this is optional for your recruitment post.

6. The Ventrilo Client (voice chat program) is highly recommended for general playing. If you don’t have a microphone or prefer not to talk, you’ll still need to be able to listen to instructions during raids. DotB Ventrilo server login instructions can be found here.

7. If/when you receive a guild invite in-game, you should also receive Guild Forum access. If not, click here and let us know we’re a bunch of screw-ups.

8. Please keep in mind: the recruitment period is for us to evaluate you and for you to evaluate us – it can be terminated at any time, by either side. When in doubt, consult the Guild Charter or ask someone on the High Council specific questions.