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DotB Guild Structure, Ranks, & Roster – SWTOR Guild

Guild Officer Ranks

Community Founder

While not an in-game rank, this is the founder of DotB. This is the final arbiter of all things DotB, across all games. When the Guild Master needs a call made or when an issue crosses between games, the Community Founder is the final say.

Rank 0. Sith’ari (Guild Master)

This is the person responsible for the Guild and DotB contingent in Star Wars: The Old Republic. They have final say in all things relative to the guild within the game. When the Sith Lords are called to council, the final say falls to the Sith’ari.

Rank 1. Sith Lord (Officer)
(Aular, Jonsey, Therron, Veronis)

The Sith Lords comprise the SWTOR High Council and are trusted individuals who must be wise, tactful, creative, patient, and driven. As leaders, they simply do not have the luxury of showing emotion when put under even the most difficult of stresses. The role of the Sith Lords is defined individually and fluctuates depending on current/immediate guild needs. The responsibilities listed below are some of the most visible responsibilities that are shared and staggered within the HC.

Sith Lord’s Key Responsibilities:

  • Welcome new initiates to the guild, familiarize them with our tools (Ventrilo, class channels, site/forums), and introduce them as needed – no one should be left to feel like that guy at the party that doesn’t know anyone.
  • Assist in and lead guild raids regularly
  • Learn and understand strategies for various dungeons and be able to teach them to raid members via Ventrilo or in writing
  • Handle loot disputes that are not being resolved on their own
  • Assist in guild decisions, and in the implementation of new guild features/policies and other changes as regularly as is necessary to meet the needs of the member base
  • Handle disciplinary inquiries and remove problematic members if necessary
  • Perform general recruitment tasks as required
  • Moderate forums
  • Monitor Initiates

Guild Member Ranks

Guild Members make up the foundation of the guild. These ranks are awarded to guild members for in-game activity, being active in the forums and in guild discussions, participating in guild raids, helping their guildmates when they are able, and above all upholding the guild charter. If a guild member goes unexplainably inactive in any of the areas above or is involved in a disciplinary inquiry, they may be demoted.

A good way to ensure that you won’t get promoted to a higher member rank anytime soon is to bug officers about it. If you think your numerous deeds aren’t being noticed, you’re probably wrong. You may have some bad luck getting us to notice from time to time, but don’t let that dissuade you from continuing to be awesome. If you’re only living the charter in order to move up in the guild ranks, then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons, and that’s likely a large part of the problem.

Because most of the ranks’ requirements are raid-oriented, those who don’t raid, or don’t raid often, will be promoted based on integrity of character, time in guild, forum and in-game activity, and observance of the guild charter.

Rank ?: (Additional member ranks)

Future ranks will be determined based on what will work in-game. We will determine this later in order to prevent having a bunch of meaningless guild ranks.

Rank 2. Disciple

Disciple is the initial Guild Member rank of the guild. New Initiates will be promoted to Disciple after successful completion of their probationary period.

Rank 3. Initiate

Initiates’ responsibilities include those of the Guild Members and more. It is up to them to be active in guild chat and on the forums so that they know what’s going on, while at the same time getting to know their guildies. This can be an overwhelming task for almost anyone, and many don’t want to put up with this sort of effort. It is by this process that we determine which Initiates truly want to be a part of Disciples of the Blade.

How to move up in the guild:

  • Since you’ve taken the time to read this, we’ll let you in on a little secret: being active here on the forums will earn you more points than anything else. Being active means making posts / replying to posts, and welcoming new Initiates in the Recruiting forum. Being inactive on the forums guarantees that you will remain an “Initiate” for a long time.
  • Know the Guild Charter and live it.
  • Participate in guild events. Run instances with guildies. Talk in guild chat and on Ventrilo. If many guildies say “Who?” when your name comes up, you’re probably not going to get promoted soon.
  • Wait for at least 30 days to pass. Don’t expect to become a full member overnight.
  • Post an application within 30 days of receiving a guild invite.

Rank 4. Village Idiot

Village Idiot is awarded only to those DotB members who are deemed worthy of bearing this prestigious (and often sought after) guild title. This does not cause any form of demotion within the guild. They just get laughed at…er, applauded.

Village Idiots’ Key Responsibilities:

  • Fall off cliffs.
  • Make inane comments in guild chat and Ventrilo, and hold inane conversations with other Village Idiots.
  • Wear gear for the wrong spec during raids.
  • Face the wrong direction during fights.
  • Forget to buff people.
  • Leave all your mats in the bank. Cuz they’re like, safer there.
  • When told you’re doing it wrong, pull adds.
  • Post new topics in the wrong forum.
  • Plan and execute Village Idiot-only Republic Zone raids. (QUICK GUYS, TO THE SPEEDERS!)