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DotB Guild Charter

Disciples of the Blade is a multi-game guild. We currently have presences in World of Warcraft (Alliance-side on Shattered Hand-PvP), Rift (Guardian-side on Wolfsbane-PvE), and Star Wars: The Old Republic (Sith Empire, Prophecy of the Five-PVP). Our primary goal, the cornerstone of this guild, is to maintain a community of mature and selfless comrades. We have a wide variety of players: from casual to hardcore, both PvP- and PvE-focused. Our focuses in-game as a guild are running effective PvE instance groups/raids and coordinated PvP raids (both instanced and world), adventuring with friends, and helping one another progress toward our individual goals while retaining the friendly, laid-back atmosphere that we pride ourselves on.

The list below defines who we are and what we expect of our members. Read it carefully.

  1. You must be willing to conduct yourself in a mature, honorable, and respectful fashion in dealings with other players, especially your guildmates, to be considered for membership within this guild (and keep it). This doesn’t mean “leave your sense of humor at the door,” it simply means that unlike most, we DO NOT take maturity and respect within this guild for granted.

    Be courteous to your guildmates and other players around you. Your actions reflect on the guild, and our actions reflect on you. We are a group of friends, and troublemakers will be dealt with swiftly.

  2. Be willing to help when you can. Guild members ask for help primarily when they are having trouble with quests, with PvP (e.g. getting camped), or filling up a raid group to do an instance run. Keep in mind when you see these requests for assistance that sometimes you need help as well. Those who assist their guildmates may not be personally thanked by leadership or other guildmates for going out of their way, but these types of actions do not go unnoticed.

    If everyone takes some time to help one another, we will *all* progress toward our personal goals faster. Find a balance between doing your own thing and helping your guildies.

  3. Respect the rules set forth by whatever guild or non-guild group you are in. Follow orders; if a raid leader tells you to jump into a fiery pit of lava, jump into the fiery pit of lava. Failure to respect the rules set forth in guild raids can result in your removal from the raid group and possibly from the guild.

    Do not “ninja loot” and do not whine if you lose a roll on an item you wanted. If your #1 priority for joining this guild is loot, then we are not the right guild for you.

  4. Visit the web site as often as possible to stay up to date as many announcements are made via the forum, and make posts yourself. We understand that forum-browsing isn’t everyone’s forte, but keep in mind that moving up the guild ranks is quite a bit more difficult for members not active on the forums / guild chat. If you’re not sure what to post, we have an “Off-Topic / Blog” forum where you can post just about anything. We’ve put a lot of effort into building and maintaining this website, and enjoy seeing it get used. Whether you’re on the forums or in guild chat, make some new friends, ask/answer questions, tell a stupid joke, make a suggestion regarding the guild, whatever.
  5. Be familiar with the description of your current rank per the WoW, Rift, or SWTOR Guild Structure pages. This is especially important for new recruits.
  6. When you join this guild in either Rift or WoW, you are joining a community. We recruit the PLAYER not the character. We expect toons that you play are guilded with us in the game you’ve been recruited through. Bank guilds and alts in casual-type guilds are ok, but our guild is built on comradery, which is hard to build if you’re never in guild chat!
  7. If you are ready to apply after reading this Charter and the FAQs, click here for WOW, here for Rift, and here for TOR.